@larkthanet – Instagram at Lark in the Park

I recently posted a project I’ve just worked on; creating highlight videos for Lark in the Park. I also posted for the social media channels the event has and wanted to share a little about them.

Each day I shot a good deal of photos and videos with the main purpose being to create the daily highlights and to gather material for promoting next year. It seems a long time to wait, though, to see any of the photos and with many of the team in one particular venue all day, it would be helpful to everyone to see just a few photos of what happens around the site.

Instagram is constantly gaining popularity and it’s so easy to share images over their network, as well as video now, with their latest updates. With a little preparation, it was very easy for me to use some of the photos I’d taken and put them in a collage of the day and upload and share it. The same for video – a clip just needed to be processed correctly and after a couple of days, I found a few ways to quite easily create content specifically for Instagram.

With the event over, I’m just getting my head around the possibilities we have for next year. It’s hard to gauge the impact that social networking has but the likes, shares, comments and follows amassed means that the little extra work helps to gain some extra attention for the event and can show people already there what’s happening around them.