A new entrance

World of Scrabble was created as a response to the various mobile apps that have popped up to enable people to play Scrabble (or a similar but unlicensed game) with their friends. These games are great if you already play, but the uptake of them with younger gamers is very low, and they only appeal to the existing Scrabble audience. How then to interest a new generation of Scrabble players?

Instead of trying to hammer a traditional board-and-pieces format onto a mobile device, World of Scrabble goes back to the core idea and purpose of Scrabble and re-applies it using today’s technology for today’s young gamers. This way, there is a new way to discover the game which will hopefully channel some of the users back to the original board game, teaching them literacy and tactical skills along the way.


This, at the moment, is a big pile of ideas that started with trying out a high frame rate on my camera (slow-motion). From that it’s also about seeing the bigger picture – things go up and down, sometimes you can’t see what’s happening around you but you know that things will carry on and work out somehow.

As this is another ‘loop’ video, it works best if you can download it and use a program like QuickTime to repeat it.

‘Feel Good’ for YCN 2013

James and I created the ‘Feel Good’ campaign for the YCN Student Awards 2013 as part of one of our modules at uni. The brief itself was to create a brand awareness campaign for their drinks and our concept is to get people actively sharing their feel good moments through sites like Twitter and Pinterest. In the past, these awards have been seen by Feel Good themselves and on one particular occasion, re-made for an actual advert. We wanted to make as professional looking concept as possible with the hope that it has some milage in it. The ‘Commended entries’ are announced in June so fingers crossed for then!

How It Flies

It’s a week since ‘How It Flies‘ was let out into the world and I just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback. I’m working on more similar to this and hopefully I’ll get to share this with you in due course. Thanks for sharing, liking, commenting and the like, keep it up – it’s so appreciated.


‘Time’ (as its working title) is about how we see time as an intangible quantity. It speeds up, slows down, zooms by and stops all at once, depending on how you view it. Time can’t be visualised or pinned down but here I want to illustrate some of the metaphors we give to time and how it controls all we do.


Going into the start of my 3rd year of my BA Hons in Digital Design, I like to think of this as the start of my professional work. What I produce now has a purpose, either as a solution to a brief or a point to contemplate on. This hopefully shows in the standard of work here and I aim to make every piece of work better than all before it.

I’m not about to write about every stage of every project, just enough to make it clear where my work is headed and maybe to flesh out few points mentioned in projects.