Instant Highlights

Events flash by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you’re packing up and not sure if it really all just happened. An instant highlights package is a great way to finish off the day and you’ll be able to relive the event, this time without having to worry about being able to take it all in.

These videos are examples from Lark in the Park Ramsgate 2015, when I created daily videos of the day’s events – around all the different venues, activities and age groups – edited down to be shown at the evening event a few hours later. Parents could see their children enjoying themselves, volunteers could see parts of the event that they were too busy to go to and everyone gets to see their face on screen.

Whether it’s a community festival, sporting event or a special occasion, it’s great fun to see the day’s proceedings so soon afterwards and have the option to have an extended highlights video to keep.

Get in touch if you’d like instant highlights for your event – email or call 07958 137557